Recent damage to trees on the Northern boundary

Following the recent high winds two trees were damaged on the Northern boundary of the wood.

One large branch overhanging a private drive came down in the night and fortunately the resident’s son was able to clear it the next day.

The second large branch did not detach fully from the tree and so remained hung up high in other branches presenting a greater hazard especially as it was over-hanging the footpath which runs next to the wood. We taped off the footpath to warn of the danger and asked a local tree surgeon to take down the branch.

They made it look very easy; throwing a line around a nearby branch, climbing up the rope then winching up a chainsaw and sawing it off from high up in the tree causing it to fall neatly along the woodland path. Not something I would have wanted to do myself though.

This is the sort of thing that the Friends of the Wood valuable contributions allow us to do; looking after the trees and keeping the woodland safe for everyone to enjoy.